Adopted organelle- The Golgi Body






Campbell, N.A., Reece, J.B., Taylor, M.T., Simon, E.J., Dickey, J.L. (2009). Biology: Concepts and Connections. (6th ed.) San. Franciso, CA. Pearson Benjamin Cummings.




3 thoughts on “Adopted organelle- The Golgi Body

  1. clarkleazier says:

    I like the way that you used people in the class in your comic to make the information more interesting and engaging. Each page was also laid out really well and made everything about the Golgi Body’s specific parts and functions really clear.

  2. noahhuizenga says:

    This is a fairly informative comic. You said “vesiclesnare” at one point. I’m not really sure what you meant by that, but I think that the cis face is where vesicles are absorbed.

  3. kg1007 says:

    Good, Funny and informative. I really liked it. I think that you should have had more explaining!

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