Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia Infographic

Waldenström Macroglobulinemia infographic


15 thoughts on “Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia Infographic

  1. Hey guys, so when you click on the link, it will download the powerpoint of my infographic.

  2. well done! not too crowded, except for the wordle at the top. i would also recommend giving a more thorough explanation of what exactly waldenstrom macroglobulinemia is, symptoms, what areas of the body it affects.

  3. noahhuizenga says:

    Good infographic, but I agree with Catherine that information about affected areas would be helpful. I like how you make everything clear so we don’t have to infer anything about the statistics.

  4. I liked how the different text boxes made important information stand out. maybe instead of the picture you have at the very top you could have added just a title

  5. I had a little trouble viewing it at first, so things were a little shifted, but I liked how colorful it was, and how you used lots of shapes to house information.

  6. Kendra McGowan says:

    I liked how you used color, pictures, and words to make an affective info graphic. I think you could have added what macroglobulinemia is because some of the information was hard to follow because I didn’t know what the cancer was. Overall you did a great job and I really liked the wordle part on the top.

  7. I thought it was cool that you picked a more obscure (at least in my head) cancer that one doesn’t often hear of. I thought the use of arrows was good as it directs the viewers focus. However I thought the wordle (at least that’s what people have called it?) was a bit distracting, though the idea was cool.

  8. Good infographic! I thought adding a little bit of information about the topic was helpful (though maybe indicating that it was background information was would’ve been better), and I really liked the information that you included and thought that the graphics you chose were well suited for the project. Great job!

  9. andymadden says:

    Great job! The colors make the facts really stand out, and the arrows give the infographic a very nice flow. Good congrats on a great infographic!

  10. I really liked your infographic! The use of color was great and i especially enjoyed all the shapes and sizes you used to mix things up! The information was really interesting! Nice job

  11. kg1007 says:

    This is a nice Infographic. I like your use of graphs and text boxes. I think that the wordle on top was a bit too much and, maybe this was just for me, but everything was shifted and it was lacking some sort of background color. But overall really great infographic

  12. austintate says:

    Nice job I liked the pictures, the info was interesting and the wordle was cool?

  13. gracetecca says:

    Great infographic! You did a good job of using different colors and sizes for text. It brought My eye to the important stuff. Also, good use of graphs and percentages to show specific data.

  14. this is a really good infographic because the layout allows you to fully understand, without overloading your brain!

  15. I liked the way you organized your infographic – it was not cluttered at all, with an interest-catching graphic at the top, and arrows and statistics to bring attention down the page. I was not familiar with the type of cancer, so I think a general description would be beneficial.

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